Your Best Choice
When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free

Warehousing & Manufacturing Pest Control

Each has their own unique Pest Control problems and we have the solutions.

In a warehouse, the challenge is to provide pest control over a large area. These warehouses are usually porous due to loading docks that do not seal tightly enough to exclude pests as well as a constant influx of goods in and out of the facility. Warehousing pest-sensitive goods such as food, feed, seed, live animals, drugs, vitamins, even certain paper goods will further complicate this situation. These may arrive infested or become infested due to physical damage or damage from rodents or other sources. This can further exacerbate an infestation or cause secondary infestations.

Knowing how to handle situations when they arise, how to track down a pest source in a large warehouse, and how to prevent pest problems in the first place are all key ingredients to pest control in this environment. Rodent control is almost always an essential component in this setting. Luckily, Adam’s Pest Solutions has the skill, training, and expertise to handle all of these things.

Manufacturing Plants: Food or Drug Manufacturing, Processing, Packaging Plants, Packaging Facilities, and More

These are perhaps the most challenging of all venues with regard to pest control. Manufacturing plants come with all the challenges of a warehouse, plus a pest-sensitive production line. Manufacturing and packing plants require an experienced technician who can communicate with company personnel, including the plant manager, production manager, quality assurance manager, or even in-house pest manager. Halting of any part of the production line due to a pest-related issue, even for a short time, can cost thousands in lost production, not to mention the loss of the product itself if it’s deemed contaminated.

Often these plants are audited by state and federal government agencies such as the USDA, FDA, EPA, etc. In addition, they are often audited by private auditing companies such as AIB, BRC, and NSF to name a few. Some can even involve international governmental audits.

Having an effective pest control program is only one piece of the puzzle; following the guidelines set forth by the auditing entities is another. Scoring high on audits can increase the sales potential for a company. Partnering up with the right company is critical. Using the principles of IPM, Adam’s Pest Solutions can work within your unique environment to ensure that minimal production time is lost, auditing standards are met, and your facilities remain pest-free.

Out of 2,450 pest control licenses, Adam is one of only 27 to hold a P.W.F. The P.W.F. designation is the top pest control license available in the State of North Caorlina. He also holds a pesticide license (E.B.H.L.) and a wildlife certification (W.D.C.A.)

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