Your Best Choice
When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free

Residential Pest Control

Pests in your home may be a sign of more serious problems.

In order to provide our customers with the best quality pest control, we always provide a full home inspection and evaluation. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, free standing home, or an estate with multiple buildings, you can expect us to go over your property from top to bottom. Based on the inspection, we will give you a full assessment of your home and what we recommend. Together we will build a treatment plan that addresses your needs and fits your budget. We will keep you advised on any changes or issues we come across as time goes by and adapt our service to reflect those changes.

We use modern *IPM-based practices and old-fashioned customer service to provide our customers with the highest level of pest control available. But most importantly, we are honest and truly care about our customers, taking pride in a job well done. There is no substitute for desire to do it right. We will always tell you the truth and never try to sell you something you don’t need. As you get to know us, you will discover this for yourself.

We offer many pest solutions for residential settings, from one-time pest service to regular pest maintenance, including solutions for mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, termites, carpenter bees, wildlife, moisture issues and more.

IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Integrated Pest Management (also known as IPM) is the cornerstone of modern pest management and should be used in residential, all types of commercial, and agricultural pest control. Its goal is to provide the safest, most environmentally friendly, and economical pest control possible by using a multipronged approach to pest management.

In simple terms, it means that the overuse of pesticides can be avoided by taking other factors into consideration. By modifying, addressing, changing, or controlling these factors we limit the use of pesticides. The control of these factors falls into several categories:

Cultural Control – Identify and change the practices that cause conditions that are conducive to pests. Such as changing sanitation or food storage practices.

Physical Control – The physical removal of the conducive conditions or pests themselves. Such as removing infested boxes or vacuuming up cockroaches.

Mechanical Control – Using tools or nonchemical materials, or devices to remove pests or conducive conditions. Such as using glue boards to trap pests or using caulk to seal entry points.

Biological Control – Uses predators, parasites, pathogens, and competitors to control pests.

Genetic Control – The use of resistant plant varieties, genetically modified plants, or genetically modified insects to control pests or pest damage. Such as releasing sterile males into a population of pests.

In brief, IPM is a multi-step process that begins with INSPECTION, followed by IDENTIFICATION, RECOMMENDATION, TREATMENT, and finally EVALUATION.

INSPECTION & IDENTIFICATION allows us to identify pest activity, the types of pests involved, location of pests and their harborages, sometimes when or how long an infestation has been going on the causes of the infestation, or contributing factors. This is a critical step in being able to formulate treatment plans for maximum effectiveness and make solid RECOMMENDATIONS. This is where a lot of companies make a critical error. If they are selling their services over the phone, or without performing a proper inspection, often contributing factors in both addressing present and preventing future pest issues are missed. This often leads to intermittent or ineffectual pest control. Effective TREATMENT is often a combination of chemical control with one or more of the other controls discussed above. The use of pesticides alone often doesn’t do the trick.

Nothing stays the same forever. Pest control is a constant ongoing process of EVALUATION. Many companies get so caught up in the routine that they forget this. They miss the signs that change is needed or overlook the obvious because they fail to keep evaluating the situation.

Adam’s Pest Control practices the process of IPM on every job, every time!

Out of 2,450 pest control licenses, Adam is one of only 27 to hold a P.W.F. The P.W.F. designation is the top pest control license available in the State of North Caorlina. He also holds a pesticide license (E.B.H.L.) and a wildlife certification (W.D.C.A.)

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