Your Best Choice
When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free

Multi-Housing Pest Control

Reduce complaints and encourage positive reviews with residences that are pest-free!

All forms of multi-family housing have similarities. Most are vulnerable to the rapid spread of pest infestations. This can happen as people within the community visit one another allowing some pests to hitchhike from one resident to another. Pests also can travel from unit to unit via the ductwork, moving along the plumbing lines, following along electrical lines, through elevator shafts, up and down trash chutes, or even by chewing through the walls. This can cause pest infestations to get out of hand quickly.

Worse still, multi-family housing is more susceptible to pest infestations in the first place, as there are simply more people entering and exiting the building, increasing the number and diversity of avenues for pest introduction. Pest can be introduced by visitors (be they friends, family, home healthcare workers, social workers, and so forth) or by residents bringing home infested goods from where they shop (like supermarkets, food pantries, bakeries, used furniture stores, thrift stores, and so on), or by deliveries (takeout food, meal delivery services, rental furniture, and the like). So, there are multiple residents with multiple visitors, shopping at multiple stores, and getting deliveries from multiple places. All it takes for an infestation to begin is one pest. The odds favor the pests.

While all multi-family homes have similarities, we understand that each property is unique.

Your property’s needs will differ based on:

  • its layout
  • how it was constructed
  • the surrounding environment
  • the type of residents
  • the type of stay (long term vs. short term)
  • the age of the building(s)
  • the size of the community
  • the custom service report details you need (housekeeping deficiency reports, structural deficiency reports, etc.) you need
  • how frequently it needs to be serviced
  • any special services or inspections (mosquito control, routine bed bug inspections, etc.) required
  • product use limitations
  • and so forth

The secret to success is to be able to assess the needs of each property, the needs of the property management company and the needs of the tenants to create a custom effective treatment plan that takes all that into account while keeping it budget-friendly. This is where we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Using the principles of IPM, we can keep your property pest-free and help you keep your residents happy.

Out of 2,450 pest control licenses, Adam is one of only 27 to hold a P.W.F. The P.W.F. designation is the top pest control license available in the State of North Caorlina. He also holds a pesticide license (E.B.H.L.) and a wildlife certification (W.D.C.A.)

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