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Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free

Wood Infesting Beetles

Wood Infesting Beetle Control

Wood Infesting Beetles Can Wreak Havoc on Your Home!You Need An Expert To Get Rid of Them!

Wood Infesting Beetle ControlGiven the long duration that beetle larvae feed within wooden timbers, they can cause extensive damage to the structure of houses and commercial buildings.

There are many kinds of wood infesting beetles, and while they all technically destroy the wood they infest, only a few cause damage extensive enough to compromise the structural integrity of the house or building they infest. This is because some species will produce offspring that will continue to re-infest a building or home year after year, while others do not.

Having a professional who is able to look at the evidence and determine what caused it can help save you thousands in repairs or unnecessary treatments.
Power post beetles and old house boring beetles are the two most common types of re-infesting beetles and can cause crippling damage to the wooden members of the structure. We here at Adam’s Pest Solutions know how to recognize and treat these infestations.

We’ll make sure your home is protected, no matter what types of beetles may have found their way inside.

About Wood Destroying Insects

Wood destroying insects fall into two categories: re-infesting and non-re-infesting.

Non-re-infesting insects cause limited and usually inconsequential damage. Damage is limited to the insects currently infesting the wood. They do not produce offspring that will continue to infest and damage the wood. Once the infesting insects have completed their life cycle and die, the infestation ends, and the damage stops. They are therefore of limited to low structural significance.

Re-infesting insects have offspring that will then continue to infest the structure, allowing the wood damage to progress and spread. They are usually of high structural significance. These include termites, powder post beetles, old house boring beetles, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants.

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