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Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free

Wood Decay Fungi

"Meruliporia Incrassata" AKA Dry Rot FungusYou Need An Expert To Get Rid of This!

Wood Decay FungiWood decay fungi get much less press than termites, but depending on the fungus, wood decay fungi can cause as much damage as termites at twice the rate.Certain species of wood decay fungi, like Meruliporia incrassata (aka poria) or Serpula lacrymans, can consume a house in
as little as 2 years.

For most structures affected by wood decay fungi, reducing and controlling the wood moisture content is the best method for stopping the fungus in its tracks and keeping it from recurring. Determining and eliminating the source of the of the moisture is the best method to stopping most fungus.

Certain rare species of fungus like Meruliporia incrassata or Surpula lacrymans can consume wood with a low wood moisture content. Often referred to as dry rot fungus, these types of fungi require a more extensive remediation than simply controlling the moisture. Treating the wood members with products that can only be used by companies licensed to apply these products commercially is a big part of treating for these infestations. Most self-proclaimed “Crawlspace Experts” cannot legally use these products.

(Should anyone offer such service who is not licensed you should be very wary of. The chemicals used to treat these fungi are very dangerous to you and your family if not used properly by a trained and licensed professional.)About Wood Decay FungiWood decay fungi fall into two main categories: water-conducting fungi and non-water-conducting fungi.

Non-water-conducting fungi must have wood with a high wood moisture content to grow and spread. Lowering the wood moisture content will cause the fungus to cease to grow and spread. (see Moisture Control) Water-conducting fungi do not require wood to have a native high wood moisture content to grow and spread; they can translocate water/moisture from an area of high concentration to low concentration. Controlling this type of fungus is often complicated and usually involves the use of special products to kill and deter the fungus.

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