Your Best Choice
When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free


Mice & Rats Can Carry Dangerous Diseases.

Mice and rats are a big enough problem on their own, but the parasites and diseases that feed on them are often more dangerous to humans than the rodents themselves. Mice and rats can harbor and transmit a number of serious diseases and can also introduce disease-carrying parasites such as fleas and ticks into your home with you and your family.

Some of the dangers of a mouse in the house include:

  • Contamination of food and surfaces from urine and droppings.
  • Spread of bacteria and harmful diseases including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.
  • Extensive damage to structures, furniture and personal belongings from their constant gnawing.

They also breed quickly and can attract larger and more serious pests to your home. If you spot mice or rats in your home, don’t wait because the problems will only grow and get worse.
Eradicate and Prevent rats and mice with our environmentally safe pest control services.

Call Adam’s Pest Solutions right away. We’ll institute a customized multipronged approach, specifically designed for your home that will rid your house of rodents and keep them out for the long haul.

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Ant Problem

We have had a serious ant problem, and we have tried several other pest control companies in the last 2 years try to solve it. Nobody could really take care of it until Adam. Adam took our problem very seriously and spent a lot of time to diagnose the problem and develop and implement a solution. This company is the best of the best and we highly recommend them.