Your Best Choice
When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free


Raccoon Control

Raccoons can invade attics or crawlspaces, can attack livestock like chickens or koi in koi ponds, can destroy personal property and are vectors for rabies. Their feces contain parasites and diseases that can be contracted by touch or via inhalation, such as roundworm, Giardia, and Leptospirosis to name a few. Remediation usually consists of trapping and removal of the raccoon or raccoons, sealing up the entry point, cleaning up the feces and soiled materials, and sanitizing the affected areas. We at Adam’s Pest Solutions know how to safely handle raccoon remediation on all levels from the trapping and removal to the cleanup.

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Property Management

I work in property management and use Adams’ Pest Solutions almost exclusively for our properties. Adam is very knowledgeable, gets the job done, and is very personable. I recommend him for your pest-ridding needs!