Your Best Choice
When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free


Deer Control Control

Deer can devastate plants, crops, gardens and fruit trees. They are carriers of fleas, mites, lice, and ticks which can spread Lyme disease. These ectoparasites are often deposited in areas they frequent which in turn can be picked up by domestic animals and people. Their feces can spread a number of internal parasites and diseases. The best methods for preventing the damage they cause and limiting contact with the parasites and pathogens they carry are the use of permanent or temporary exclusion devices. Contact Adam’s Pest Solutions for a free evaluation and recommendation.

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Extremely knowledgeable about ALL types of pests

Adam is extremely knowledgeable about ALL types of pests. Whether your problem is ants or rodents or other pests, he knows what attracts them and how to get rid of them. He showed me areas around my home that needed to be addressed in order for the problem to be taken care of. Their customer service is by far the best in the business as well. Thank You So Very Much!