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When You Need To Be Pest Free

Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Control

Left Untreated, Carpenter Ants Can Do A Significant Amount Of Damage To Your HomeYou Need An Expert To Get Rid Of Them!

Proper Carpenter Ant identification is key to preventing damage. Workers in a carpenter ant colony can be varied sizes. They are usually no more than ½ an inch. Swarmers can be a full inch in length. These are winged carpenter ants that are produced by a mature nest. Workers are black, dark red, yellowish, or a mixture. Their coloration varies and is dependent on the species so properly identifying them is tricky for the untrained technician.

Adam of Adam’s Pest Solutions has a degree in Entomology (the scientific study of insects) so you can rest assured that the Carpenter Ant will be properly identified and the nest (or nests) along with the Queen, permanently destroyed.

If you see one of these ants crawling in or around your home, don’t wait till you start seeing more. Call Adam’s Pest Solutions today and put a stop to these harmful invaders!

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Extremely knowledgeable about ALL types of pests

Adam is extremely knowledgeable about ALL types of pests. Whether your problem is ants or rodents or other pests, he knows what attracts them and how to get rid of them. He showed me areas around my home that needed to be addressed in order for the problem to be taken care of. Their customer service is by far the best in the business as well. Thank You So Very Much!