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Your Best Choice When You Need To Be Pest Free


Carpenter Bee Control

Bumblebee or Carpenter Bee?Thats easy! But it takes an Expert to get rid of them!

If you have been in North Carolina for more than 15 minutes you have probably seen a large fuzzy looking bee here and there, circling and hovering around any backyard deck of any house on any street in the state. Your first thought would be “Bumblebee” But, you would be wrong.

Bumblebee or Carpenter Bee?

Learning the difference between Carpenter Bees and Bumblebees is easy but getting rid of them isn’t so simple. Over time, carpenter bees can cause extensive damage to the wood they infest. Most often the extent of the damage is hidden from view with only the entry hole visible, which is usually about a ½ inch in diameter and perfectly round. The carpenter bee galleries, while hidden from sight, will grow a half foot in length annually, and new galleries may be created above the old galleries. The affected wood, if left untreated, will eventually become structurally unsound.

Successfully treating a carpenter bee infestation is a two-step process: the initial treatment, which consists of treating the structure and the galleries and sealing up entry points; and the semi-annual maintenance treatments to prevent reoccurrence. Alternatively, the affected member can be replaced with less attractive materials or protective coatings.

This where Adam’s Pest Solutions comes in. Call Adam now to schedule the initial treatment and the semi-annual maintenance to prevent reoccurrence. You’ll be glad you did!

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They have a passion to get the job done right and quickly. Friendly and cooperative as well as flexible in arrangements. Adam’s provides a detailed report of work performed and results found.