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Bat Control

Problems with bats fall into two categories: Accidental Entry and Infiltration.

Accidental Entry happens when one or more bats enter a dwelling through an open door or window and get trapped inside. We recommend that you call a qualified professional when dealing with bats since there are risks in trying to remove these bats on your own. Bats are a vector for rabies, and amateurs can wind up getting bitten while trying to remove them on their own. If you are ever bitten by a bat or if the bat has been in a room where any of the occupants had slept, never release it. You can receive a bite while sleeping and never realize it. In either circumstance, the bat must be tested for rabies. If it is not available for testing, then a preventative rabies protocol needs to be followed, which includes vaccinations.

Bats will often infiltrate structures and live inside. This can be a temporary, intermittent, or permanent situation. Then usually enter through gaps, attic vents or damaged area of the attic. Their fecal material (called guano) can carry parasites and disease, and it often grows the fungus histoplasma capsulatum. The spores of this fungus can cause a serious disease called histoplasmosis if inhaled.

Bats that infiltrate a dwelling can also bring bat bugs. Bat bugs are the relative of the bed bug. Though their primary hosts are bats, in the absence of their primary host or if there not enough bats to feed their numbers, they can begin migrating to other areas. If they manage to enter the living space, they will act just like bed bugs and may feed on the humans present.

Remediation usually consists of getting rid of the bats, removing the guano and any contaminated materials, sanitizing the area, and sealing the entry points. If bat bugs are present, then treating the area with a residual insecticide labeled for bat bugs or bed bugs would be necessary. Never try removing bats or bat guano without the proper protective gear.

It is important that you choose a professional that knows how to safely perform bat remediations. Whether you are dealing with a single bat that accidentally wandered inside or an entire colony’s infiltration, we at Adam’s Pest Solutions have the knowledge and experience to do the job safely and effectively.

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