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Residential Pest Control

Pests in your home may be a sign of more serious problems.

In order to provide our customers with the best quality pest control, we always provide a full home inspection and evaluation. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, free standing home, or an estate with multiple buildings, you can expect us to go over your property from top to bottom. Based on the inspection, we will give you a full assessment of your home and what we recommend. Together we will build a treatment plan that addresses your needs and fits your budget. We will keep you advised on any changes or issues we come across as time goes by and adapt our service to reflect those changes.

Adam Pest Solutions
We use modern *IPM-based practices and old-fashioned customer service to provide our customers with the highest level of pest control available. But most importantly, we are honest and truly care about our customers, taking pride in a job well done. There is no substitute for desire to do it right. We will always tell you the truth and never try to sell you something you don't need. As you get to know us, you will discover this for yourself.

We offer many pest solutions for residential settings, from one-time pest service to regular pest maintenance, including solutions for mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, termites, carpenter bees, wildlife, moisture issues and more.

*For Detailed Information on IPM-Based Practices,

Multi-Housing Pest Control

Reduce complaints and encourage positive reviews with residences that are pest-free!

All forms of multi-family housing have similarities. Most are vulnerable to the rapid spread of pest infestations. This can happen as people within the community visit one another allowing some pests to hitchhike from one resident to another. Pests also can travel from unit to unit via the ductwork, moving along the plumbing lines, following along electrical lines, through elevator shafts, up and down trash chutes, or even by chewing through the walls. This can cause pest infestations to get out of hand quickly.

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Worse still, multi-family housing is more susceptible to pest infestations in the first place, as there are simply more people entering and exiting the building, increasing the number and diversity of avenues for pest introduction. Pest can be introduced by visitors (be they friends, family, home healthcare workers, social workers, and so forth) or by residents bringing home infested goods from where they shop (like supermarkets, food pantries, bakeries, used furniture stores, thrift stores, and so on), or by deliveries (takeout food, meal delivery services, rental furniture, and the like). So, there are multiple residents with multiple visitors, shopping at multiple stores, and getting deliveries from multiple places. All it takes for an infestation to begin is one pest. The odds favor the pests.

While all multi-family homes have similarities, we understand that each property is unique. Your property's needs will differ based on:

  • its layout
  • how it was constructed
  • the surrounding environment
  • the type of residents
  • the type of stay (long term vs. short term)
  • the age of the building(s)
  • the size of the community
  • the custom service report details you need (housekeeping deficiency reports, structural deficiency reports, etc.) you need
  • how frequently it needs to be serviced
  • any special services or inspections (mosquito control, routine bed bug inspections, etc.) required
  • product use limitations
  • and so forth
The secret to success is to be able to assess the needs of each property, the needs of the property management company, and the needs of the tenants to create custom effective treatment plan that take all that into account while keeping it budget friendly. This is where we stand head and shoulders above the competition. Using the principles of IPM, we can keep your property pest-free and help you keep your residents happy.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control is problem solving... and we solve problems!

There are many types of commercial settings, and each has its own special needs unique to that setting. However, they all have some things in common, the impact pests can have on productivity, the health and harmony of the employees, sales and customer relations, and ultimately income, to name a few. Outbreaks can cost hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars. Frequent outbreaks can be crippling or ruin a business entirely.

Commercial Property

Having a pest control company that knows how to resolve issues quickly and institute measures to get in front of future pest issues before they occur is critical.

The use of modern IPM techniques, cutting edge tools, experience, and the knowledge and use of the newest advances in pest control research allow us to offer our customers the best service in the industry, hands down.

Retail Stores

In the retail marketplace, pest control issues are usually the most transparent and can have an immediate impact on sales. Retail stores may have issues because their employees may not recognize something as a food source (what people consider food and pests consider food can sometimes differ). Retail stores that are conjoined to other businesses can sometime suffer from the pest problems of their neighbors. Many things can cause a pest control problem, so knowing what to look for and how to quickly address those issues is vital. Perhaps of even greater importance is putting a preventive strategy in place to stop issues before they happen. We're here to help you do just that.


Restaurants often represent the most sensitive venue in regard to pests. Not only can a pest sighting cause an immediate loss of customers, but negative reviews in this regard can also have a long-reaching impact on future sales. Restaurants are often victims of the vendors they use in the form of deliveries. For instance, deliveries are the number one source of German cockroach infestations in restaurants. Having a company that understands the business from the operational standpoint helps to integrate pest solutions that will work given the way the business operates. After all, you can't stop buying supplies from vendors just because they can be a source of pests. We work hard to understand just how your restaurant operates so we can help you stay pest-free without having to turn your business upside down.

Office or Office Buildings

In office environments, problems usually come from the outside in. Poorly sealed doors or windows can allow pest access inside. Occasionally, issues the employees have at home can brought to work. Often, breakrooms are the first affected. Dropdown ceilings and other design features can conceal issues until they have gotten out of hand. Knowing where to look and how to design a pest control plan of action for this environment is important in order to proactively address pest issues in this setting. Our team knows how to do just that, keeping your office pest-free so you and your employees can focus on your work.

Warehousing & Manufacturing Pest Control

Each has their own unique Pest Control problems and we have the solutions.


In a warehouse, the challenge is to provide pest control over a large area. These warehouses are usually porous due to loading docks that do not seal tightly enough to exclude pests as well as a constant influx of goods in and out of the facility. Warehousing pest-sensitive goods such as food, feed, seed, live animals, drugs, vitamins, even certain paper goods will further complicate this situation. These may arrive in infested or become infested due to physical damage or damage from rodents or other sources. This can further exacerbate an infestation or cause secondary infestations.

Adam Pest Solutions
Knowing how to handle situations when they arise, how to track down a pest source in a large warehouse, and how to prevent pest problems in the first place are all key ingredients to pest control in this environment. Rodent control is almost always an essential component in this setting. Luckily, Adam's Pest Solutions has the skill, training, and expertise to handle all of these things.

Manufacturing Plants: Food or Drug Manufacturing, Processing, Packaging Plants, Packaging Facilities, and More

These are perhaps the most challenging of all venues with regard to pest control. Manufacturing plants come with all the challenges of a warehouse, plus a pest-sensitive production line. Manufacturing and packing plants require an experienced technician who can communicate with company personnel, including the plant manager, production manager, quality assurance manager, or even in-house pest manager. Halting of any part of the production line due to a pest-related issue, even for a short time, can cost thousands in lost production, not to mention the loss of the product itself if it's deemed contaminated.

Often these plants are audited by state and federal governmental agencies such as the USDA, FDA, EPA, etc. In addition, they are often audited by private auditing companies such as AIB, BRC, and NSF to name a few. Some can even involve international governmental audits.

Having an effective pest control program is only one piece of the puzzle; following the guidelines set forth by the auditing entities is another. Scoring high on audits can increase the sales potential for a company. Partnering up with the right company is critical. Using the principles of IPM, Adam's Pest Solutions can work within your unique environment to ensure that minimal production time is lost, auditing standards are met, and your facilities remain pest-free.


We truly care about our clients and our services.